The FAMÍLIA CLARO's tradition of baking bread, cakes and biscuits in a wood-fired oven has been famous in Rogil since 1965, when the family bought the old bakery in the very centre of this village on the Costa Vicentina. In those days, the wheat was still ground at the Rogil mill and the flour was sifted on the premises before being transported around the region by donkey.

From the natural raising agent to the oven built of clay tiles, the PÃO DO ROGIL's traditional bread, crusty on the outside and beautifully soft on the inside, still has the unique and characteristic flavour of the past. A past remembered in lingering memories of family teas all those years ago. And a past that we have brought right up to the present day in our shop-museum. Here you can see how things used to be, our exhibits portraying the bread- and cake-making craft of the FAMÍLIA CLARO over the many years' existence of our PÃO DO ROGIL. Today, we still stretch out the dough and shape our loaves by hand.

With the arrival of the new century came modernity, complementing our traditional skills and bringing new technology and innovation to our PÃO DO ROGIL. We are continuously creating new products, as well as an appealing image – contemporary yet with touches of vintage. A tribute to the past but also a huge desire to share our story, to portray those years when traditional crafts reigned supreme, and to demonstrate how, at the present time, PÃO DO ROGIL respects and perpetuates its origins with its eyes fixed firmly on the future and with the flavours of our local products.